Travelling with a Baby

Travelling is a way of life!

We soak in its mere experiences and wander to our dreamland; but without the list of ‘things to do’, a trip with a baby can sure change how you think about travel! As a parent who loves to travel, some inside tips to make your vacation a tad bit more beautiful with your bundle of joy!

destinationChoose a Child Friendly Destination:  As world totters, you can travel in extreme conditions without any worries but when traveling with a baby, at least for the first time, try to choose a destination that is not too cold nor too hot. In the event the destination doesn’t have the best weather, speak to your pediatrician on things to take care and how to minimize the impact of weather on your baby. Either ways the trick is to pack right!


advanceBook in Advance:  Hurry!! Get those bassinets booked on the flight! But incase your flight has none or you don’t get one, don’t panic. Request the airline to book you next to a spare seat. The more room you have the easier it is to manage. Also as you can’t use the bassinet during takeoff, landing and turbulence; for short flights, your little bub can enjoy the warmth and closeness in a sling. (Gives you a chance too to peck a little kiss on his head)!

One of the key things to do while flying with a baby is to nurse during takeoff and landing. It helps ease the cabin pressure and avoid any ear pain or blockage.

listPrepare a List: start by preparing a list of daily items your baby needs, right from when he gets up to when he sleeps. This will help you judge the number of items your tiny tot needs. (it’s actually quite funny how someone so small needs so much!!)


packingStart Packing Early:  As adults we might be able to pack our stuff in a duffle bag and just leave but when travelling with a child one must be careful to pack essentially everything. Though there are baggage weight limitations, but to reach your destination and figure out that you forgot the soothing toy that helps your baby sleep is a bummer!

medicine-boxKeep the Medicines Handy
: You can never be sure what might trigger an allergy or infection. So it’s advised to keep all necessary medication handy.  Apart from the medicines, carry a mosquito patch or spray to keep the child safe from bugs. Make a first –aid box that has the basics like, saline water spray, thermometer, sanitizer, band-aid etc. Last but not the least you should always purchase a Medical Insurance, for you never know when you would need it.


bookToys & Activity Books: It’s important to introduce some new toys and books in the flight and on vacation. The extra 15 minutes you may get from a distracted baby can do wonders for you. But yes, the lighter the toy, more easier it is to manage it with the other zillion things.


appsDownload Baby Applications:  White noise, nursery rhymes, songs, pictures whatever keeps your baby engaged will help you in the transition period from his play to sleep time during travel. Having said that, it is also not a good idea to hand them/ expose then to your phone or tablets for longer durations.


bagBaby Bag: Keep the diaper bag with ready to go items. They come in handy especially when you are sightseeing.. one or two change of cloth’s,  empty poly bags, fresh diapers, wet wipes, feeder bottles and formula, teat wipes, bips, wash cloth , a rattle, pacifier, and a granola bar for yourself!  You never know when you too need it.


gearBaby Gear on Rent: there are lots of online portals that supply baby gear on rent and are available worldwide, so next time you travel you don’t need to carry too much baby gear, you can always get them on rent.



hotelInform the Hotel: Informing the hotel that you shall be travelling with a baby beforehand, helps to get a faster check-in at the hotel. If you are lucky, the hotel can also provide you with the basic amenities like travel cot, sterilizer, baby bath tub etc. It definitely pays to let the staff at the hotel know of your requirements if any.


 The essentials:

  • Medicines and first aid box
  • Feeding
    • Bottles, Formula, Extra Teats, Sanitized teat wipes
    • Disposable bibs
  • Changing
    • Wet wipes
    • Diapers
    • Disposable changing mats
    • Sanitizer
  • Skin Care
    • Lotion
    • baby wash & shampoo
    • rash cream
  • Clothes, Hat/Cap
  • Mosquito repellent & sunscreen




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